When I arrived in Thailand in 2001 I was very aware that most people used nicknames instead of real names.  Therefore, I made it a priority that I would get a good nickname as soon as possible.

In the first couple of weeks, there were lots of rumours circulating about the nicknames and there were some worrying options including (with rough translation):


  • Mr Spotty
  • Mr Blobby
  • Apple


So on considered reflection, I thought the best option was clearly “Apple” and I then went about ensuring everyone knew this!  Everywhere I went I called myself Apple and I even got a tattoo on my arm of an apple…… not a very good tattoo either!


I thought the reason I was given the name “Apple” was because I was involved in IT and the reference was to the company Apple…….  Little did I know.


6 years later and I am leaving Thailand and discussions about how my nickname took hold started again.  I was a little shocked as to the real source of the nickname.


It turns out that the reason I was given the name apple was because I am supposedly shaped like an apple!!!!   It was an ongoing joke for years that I never realised this.


But even still, to this day, I am known as Apple to most of my Thai friends and family.