Arrived in Thailand

After 4 pretty miserable years in Ireland I have finally made it "home" to Thailand. But this is going to be a different experience to my last stint in Thailand as this time I wont be on the gravy train with a fancy Expat job! Instead, I will be watching every penny and working hard [...]

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D&G – Before & After

Since I came home to Ireland 4 years ago, this photo captures the two extremes perfectly! From the Celtic Tiger days of excess, spending and downright extravagance to the current days of negativity, depression and reluctant acceptance of our impending doom […]

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Biggest economic crash since the 1920’s is on the horizon […]

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Thai political impasse

So what is going to happen next in Thailand? […]

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Global Woes

Is this the beginning of the end? […]

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September Update

The Thai political impasse has no obvious solution […]

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Stay or Go?

Things aren’t getting much better […]

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August Update

More miserable weather in Ireland! […]

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