Well over a year has passed and I am still based up in the North East of Thailand in Yasothon.


Life is pretty simple here and very laid back.  There is little stress and the most difficult decisions are what to eat every day.  In Thailand, that can be a tough decision as so much of the food is so tasty.


I spend my days helping out with voluntary work in the school and in the rice fields.  I dont get paid for any of the work (in money terms) but I certainly feel good about myself when I go to sleep every night.


Weather here is hot and humid and I am still trying to adapt.  Biggest problem is the mosquitoes.  They are really annoying and they really like eating me!


Personal space isnt really an option here as I am living in the family home so its also home to everyone else and they come and go as they please.  It’s a nice way to live but I am used to having my own space!  Its a small price to pay.


Football is big here too – especially the Premier League and I like watching with the other guys in Thai language….. helps me improve my language skills.


Nothing much else to report except I am living a basic, simple and stress free life.