After 4 pretty miserable years in Ireland I have finally made it “home” to Thailand. But this is going to be a different experience to my last stint in Thailand as this time I wont be on the gravy train with a fancy Expat job! Instead, I will be watching every penny and working hard in the rice fields and volunteering at the local school.


One of my first objectives is to lose weight and I have started well with this….. I have had the shits for the last day!….. Seems as though it will take my stomach a little longer to get used to the spicy food…..and perhaps a little more germs than I have been used to!


Made a trip to the local Hospital (massive – bigger than St Vincents) and it was an eye opener! People packed in like sardines and the general level of cleanliness left a lot to be desired. This was a public hospital and not at all like the private hospital I have been used to in Bangkok… it just shows how this place is so different with money. We waited 5 hours in the blistering heat to meet the Doctor for Nangs Mother who recently had a bad stroke! In fairness, the Doctors are very good – its just the system is terrible! The good news is that her Mother has got the all clear to return to Yasothon at the weekend.


When I arrived in Bangkok I took a taxi directly to Chonburi from the airport. We are booked into a small serviced apartment – actually, its quite good and very much like the setup I was thinking of doing up country myself in the future.


Went to visit Sister in Law who just had a new baby boy…. all doing well.


I also did a tour of Chonburi with Brother in Law and saw some cool places… helps to know someone in the know!  One of the places we visited was a Chinese Temple:





Nang and family have headed back to Yasothon from Chonburi in their “new” Benz….. check it out:



I then spent a few days in Bangkok catching up with old Mates and managed to fit in some health checks and dental visits.  All well, except for the fact that I am pushing 100 Kgs – 99.5 to be exact…. NOT GOOD!


Bangkok has changed a lot in the last few years – its immediately obvious that the numbers of Arabs, Indians and Blacks (not a derogatory term at all – just a direct translation from Thai!) has increated substantially.  Its equally obvious that the number of Europeans (Farangs) has also dropped my a huge number.


Bangkok is still one of my favourite cities in the world… it just ROCKS!  I could waste days just wandering around MBK and Pantip Plaza….. and maybe not even buy a thing! (Also, this could come in handy now that I have no source of income!!!)


After a few good nights out, my Mate Dave arrived from Manchester and after a few more days in Bangkok we headed North ERast on a whistlestop tour of Isaan.  Korat, Buriram, Surin, SiSaket and Ubon…..


Surin was definitely the better town and the locals were more welcoming….. but Ubon has massive potential……


However, to make the most of living and travelling in this area you really need to speak Thai……so I am continuing my efforts every day…. its a slow struggle but making progress.


After a few days in Ubon we headed out to Baan Bung Kae to our house in “the Jungle”.




I’ve been here for almost 2 weeks now and so far so good……


Working in the rice fields is tough going….. but weather is getting cooler now as it rains every day.  I am definitely losing weight from all the activities during the day and I am eating the local food too….. No more McD’s and KFC’s for me…… at least for now.


Steamed frog is good though!




A brief break from working the fields…..




And then having to fix the bloody things:




There are some basic creature comforts missing from the house at the moment but I am planning to rectify that…. no mad rush…..  Simple things like a bed, couch, toilet flusher, air con etc would make all the difference!


At the moment, we are comign towards the end of the Rocket Festival season…. there is a show on today actually – not far from the house that I will be heading to shortly……




Proud Aunt and Niece:




Politics & Biz


Its all about the election on 3rd July at the moment.  Hard to miss it as all the news is about the election and there are millions of signs strewn across the countryside.


Also, every morning I am woken up by a pickup with music blaring urging people to vote for BEUR SIP or BEUR SONG….. Number 10 or Number 2….. those feckers go ALL day long…….. Its massive noise pollution!


ANyway, looks like Peua Thai will romp home which will probably mean another Coup in a short while……. all a bit MAD TED!


In ireland, I dont really care any more…. Fianna Fail Lite are just doing the same as their predeccesors.  It’s sad to see such a great country going down the drain…….The people in power who allowed this to happen should be ashamed……






I bought my new phone – HTC Incredible S and I hate it.  It basically doesn’t work at all….. Wifi and phone signals are awful and HTC are trying to work out the problem….. but dont buy one until they sort it.


I have the internet in the house now…. but only about 1mb – it’s supposed to be a guaranteed and unshared 2mb line but I just never get that!




Except for the few nights out in Bangkok and Isaan, there is not much to report.  People tend to sleep around 8pm here and get up very early.  If I wanted to, I could join the guys drinking Lao Khao but that is terrible stuff….. I am happy to stay on the dry for now and then enjoy myself when I head to Bangkok or Cha-am with Nang.






Its all good so far.  Over 1 month back in Thailand and I have settled down pretty well.  Life in Yasothon will be relaxed mixed with tough work in the rice fields.  My two main focuses are to lose weight and learn Thai and I have made a steady start on both fronts.


I still need to sort out some basic things in the house and plan a trip to Cha-am but plenty of time for that.