Thai Real Estate

There is a lot to know about property in Thailand and I will give you as much information as I can! If you are considering investing in Thai property there are some things you need to know first. Remember that you should do all your research and dont believe everything you hear!  THere is a lot of information out there but the people behind it have their own agendas. […]

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Importing my car

I have successfully imported my car from Thailand to Ireland – it wasnt that difficult after all! Many people told me that it wasnt possible and that it wouldnt be worth the hassle but those must have been the same people that told me that I wouldnt be able to get a mortgage in Thailand! […]

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Expat travel tips to Thailand

After almost 6 years working and living in Thailand I have some bits of advice for anyone looking to live there! THere are many different types of Expats who live in Thailand.  The first thing you have to do is figure out where you fit in. […]

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Thailand – not miss

I will not miss the following: The smell – walking down the street you can just get hit by awful smells. The open sewers (klongs) are rancid. Driving on the wrong side – they wonder why there are so many road accidents in Thailand? I’ll tell you one major reason! People drive down the wrong side of the road. They are too lazy to go a little further and do a U-turn so instead they drive on the inside lane on the WRONG side. In the dark it is very difficult cause you just see a white light coming from where it shouldnt be coming from!   […]

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Learning the Thai Language

Thai is not an easy language to learn but it is definitely worth investing the time to learn some basics! During my time in Thailand I put a lot of effort into learning the Thai language. I am not fluent but I can hold a pretty decent conversation with people. In my first year the return on investment was immense. For each hour I was spending learning Thai I would get huge enjoyment from using what I learned in day to day life. However, the more I studied the more the enjoyment faded.   […]

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Thailand – miss

These are the things I will miss from Thailand – it is an interesting list The Weather – its always perfect. Maybe a little hot sometimes but all in all its great. The 3 seasons are fairly predictable and you know what to expect. Beautiful Girls – there are gorgeous girls everywhere in Thailand – including my girlfriend Nang. Living like a King – the standard and quality of living that I enjoy here is unrivalled – for the cost!   Things are cheap – most things are much cheaper here unless it is a foreign product Maid – not having to clean up, wash clothes or do the ironing is worth a lot No ironing – just to emphasise how much I hate ironing! Food – the food in restaurants, stalls, on the street, at home is just great. The variety of food available is fantastic and the range of international food available is also astounding. Live Premiership football – I get to see almost all the games live! Easy parking – in parking lots they let you double up and leave the handbrake on! Cool idea! Public transport – taxis are everywhere and cheap, the Skytrain and Subway are efficient,clean and cheap and motocycle taxis are a great way to beat the traffic Speaking Thai – i invested a lot of time into learning Thai and have become quite proficient in conversation Massage – almost every week I went for a massage and practically had my own personal masseuse. I am sure my joints will start to ache and I am not sure if I will motivate myself to pay 100 euros for 1 hour! Markets – I loved going to the markets. They have everything and its great for people spotting. Pantip Plaza – an amazing place for all computer geeks. It is a massive building that is packed with everything relating to IT. You can get some really great bargains here but you have to watch out for the sharks. All the counterfeit goods on sale here is mind boggling. Cheap DVD’s – For 100 baht I can get the latest DVD. Thats about 2 euros! And that is to BUY it and not just rent it. Post Database – Every wednesday in the Bangkok Post there is a great insert for IT geeks. It really is very well written and is bang up to date. Coffee World – the coffee here is fantastic – I love the Latte. It just hits the spot. Have even thought about taking the franchise to IReland. Paying the bar bill at the end – no need for the stupid rounds system. You order your own drink and when you want to go home you pay the entire bill Pool – I played a lot of pool during my stay in Thailand and was beginning to become a fairly decent player! I was even voted the Best New Cummer in the Hua Hin League   […]

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Expat in Thailand -early days

Living as an Irish Expat in Thailand can be an interesting experience! I moved to Thailand in September 2001. That was just a few weeks after my mother passed away. Actually, I had already left Ireland and was training in Antwerp when I got the bad news. I had a big decision to make – whether or not I should still go to Thailand or return to Ireland. I knew my Mother would have wanted me to fulfill my dream so that is what I decided to do.   […]

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On my world tour

I made it back to Thailand as part of my trip around the world. This time I was on my own and this time I was more “wordly wise”………with some interesting experiences. In 1999, I crossed over the border from Malaysia. Just as we were about to cross the border we stopped for a bite to eat. One of the backpackers decided to open his rucksack to get his toothbrush and toothpaste. When he opened it he saw a huge stash of drugs. Planted!!!   So he just dumped them immediately, told the rest of us without informing the guides or driver. We passed through the border OK but on the other side about 5km down the road we were stopped by police. The dragged us all outside and then went to search our bags. They took a real interest in one bag in particular. Yes, the one with the stash. When they found nothing they didnt know what to do. Panic set in and we were all worried that we would get into trouble – maybe they would think that we nicked all their gear. Fortunately we made it through without any problems. My guess is that they searched the toilet on the Malaysian side and found their drugs. Basically it was a complete setup. First they get their drugs safely over the border and secondly they manage to blackmail a foreigner into paying huge money to get off a drug rap!   […]

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