Snow in Dalkey

In the 4 years back in Ireland since 2007 we actually had quite a bit of snow.   Of course, Nang was thrilled that there was so much snow and decided to make the most of it.   {youtube}RznNQLyi9tc{/youtube}

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Settling back into life in Ireland

After almost 3 months back in Ireland things are going OK. Not much better than OK – but its still OK! Life after Thailand. The sun is beaming down, people are walking around in T-shirts showing off their wobbly bits and people seem happy. This is Ireland. Since I came home 3 months ago the weather has been unusually hot and sunny. Global warming is good – at least it is for Ireland. […]

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New Ireland

My thoughts so far on my return to Ireland. Ireland has changed drastically. There has been massive economic growth which most people have benefitted from.  Things are looking up, people are more affluent and there is a positive outlook. […]

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Ireland – missed

The following is a list of the things that I miss when I am not living in Ireland Friends and Family – for sure this is the big miss. Having people to chat things through and people that know you for life. Roast dinners – Sunday roasts – homecooked. I suppose I should learn how to cook them myself! […]

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Ireland – not missed

The following is a list of things that I dont like about Ireland The weather – and most importantly the unpredictability of the weather. Yesterday I was planning on going for a walk and got all dressed up to head out. Just when I got to the door it started to rain. Then I started to dress down and have a coffee and it stopped raining. It is annoying – you cant plan anything in advance. […]

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